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How to Update the Service Account

Are you getting an error while creating Teams?
Most of the time the auth token between the Service Account and Microsoft 365 expires due to which teams are either not created or there is an error.

You could easily fix it, by updating the permissions of the Service Account.
To do this, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to the nBold app using the Service Account credentials.

    Important Note! : The service account should also be a global admin or teams admin at the Microsoft 365 level.

  2. Select the settings tab and from the " Service Account" select update.

  3. Then, choose the corresponding Service Account or Log in with the other account you want to use as a service account.

  4. Refresh the session.

This would take the changes into account and refresh the authentication token.

In case you are still experiencing the error, please feel free to write us at