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1. My Teams

When you log in to nBold, you will by default land on the "Home" Tab. Here, you will be able to see all the Teams that you will create in the future or the existing ones. This tab is the same as the "Home App" which you will set up for end users and pin to the left pane.

2. Create Team

By clicking here, you or the end users would be able to create a new Microsoft team from the collaboration templates that you have configured.

3. My Requests

Here, you can track the progress of your team creation once you submit the team creation form. Audit Trial shows all the steps in the team creation process.

Here, you can search for any team that you would like to work on.


1. View: Templates Catalog

The "Catalog" gathers all the Templates defined for your organization. You can manage your Corporate Catalog of Collaboration Templates. These Templates enable you to ensure a strong Teamwork adoption and set up a differentiated Governance at the template level.

During setup, a "Default team" Template has been provisioned. You cannot delete the "Default Team" Template. If you don't want to use it, just disable it from the main "Information" tab.

2. Manage your Collaboration Templates

For each existing Template, you can Enable or Disable it for users:

To edit an existing Template, click on edit as shown in the below picture. The edit form is the same as the creation form.

3. New Template

Here, you can create a new collaboration template that would be used for creating new teams.
First, you would need to create the Original Team for the Template. This team will serve as a referral for the Template.

To learn how to create a template from scratch, click here.

4. New Team

To create a new Microsoft Teams, select "➕ Create"

Select an existing team as a Template: Mandatory. Search for an existing team that will be cloned to create the new team. This team is hereafter referred to as the "original team".

Once you create this team and add members, the end users would be able to access it from the Home App.

⚙ Settings" Dashboard

By default, nBold redirects you to the "Home" page. If you're a member of the Office 365 Global Administrators Group, you can access the "⚙ Settings" dashboard from the main menu.

From there, you can access the four main sections of nBold: