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Service Account Setup

To set up or change the Service Account, you just need to follow these steps:

While we invite you to create a dedicated Service Account for nBold_, you can rely on an existing one if you prefer. In that case, you can jump to point 2.

To learn more about why we rely on a Service Account and what are the best practices to secure it, please visit our [_Trust Center](/trust-center/trust-center).

1. Create a Teams Admin User Account

The service account is the account that will act to create all the Teams, and this is what the users will see in all the teams provisioned.

So, in Microsoft / Office 365 Admin Portal Create a new user and make sure you assign the role "Teams Administrator". Choose the Name you want. This can be the name of your IT Service. And add a nice picture!

Here are the requirements for that account to work:

  • The account must be assigned at least an E1 / Business Premium license
  • Exchange Online and Teams must be enabled
  • Exchange Online Mailbox must be provisioned

2. Login to Microsoft Teams and search for nBold App

Login to with the account you created. Reach the nBold app by searching "nBold" through the three dots on the left bar.

Then click on the "Add" button.

into nBold App

You should be logged in now:

3. Update and Service Account Check

Select the settings tab and from the " Service Account" select update.

Choose then the corresponding Service Account or Log in with the other account you want to use as a service account.

Then the change is taken into account.