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Files cloning for Collaboration Templates

I'm excited to announce that we just released our highly requested feature so far!
Now you can clone your 📚 Files stored in teams channels (technically in SharePoint document libraries) across Microsoft Teams templates!

It means that you can replicate all the folders' structure and documents across multiple teams, enforcing quality and efficiency in your organization. Have a look:

It's especially useful for:

How to make it work?

It's so simple. Just add the files and the folders you want in each Teams channel of the original team. And all the files will be replicated in the newly created team. Isn't it beautiful? 😍

This feature completes our preexisting files management capabilities for Microsoft Teams templates:

🙏🏼 Please try it and share your use case with us by 💬 chat.

if you have changed the name of a channel from Name1 to Name2 in the original team then the corresponding folder name in the associated SharePoint Library wouldn't change and remain Name1 (by design on the Microsoft side). Be careful that the name of the channel is the same as the folder's name in the SharePoint Online Library. You would need to change the name of the folder from Name1 to Name2 to match the exact same name.