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Wiki Tabs

How to get rid of Wiki tabs?

Like many Microsoft Teams users, you may want to get rid of the Wiki tab because you don’t use it.

Good news! With the help of Collaboration Templates, you can easily change it. And we will show you how.

There are some simple steps for that:

1. Create a team that will serve as the Original team for the template

  • Create a team and call it the regular way "NAME OF THE USE CASE - Template" (Deal Room - Template; New Center - Template; Marketing Department - Template) with different channels, files, and folders in Files tab, different Website tabs, Planner with predefined tasks, checklist, description, labels, and buckets, etc.
  • Add the nBold Service Account as the owner of the team

2. Delete the Wiki tab in the Original team

Once the original team is created, you can remove the Wiki tab from it. Make sure that it is deleted from all the channels.

3. Add the team to the Template Catalog and configure Governance Policies

Here is How to create a Collaboration Template

4. Create a new team without Wiki tabs

So now, when the team from this template is created, we don’t see the Wiki tab in it.

And here we go!