# nBold at a Glance


nBold helps every organization to improve their Collaborative Processes in making it easy to build Collaboration Templates and automate it. You can build a template for any Collaborative purpose:

  • Repetitive processes such as Proposal Management, Crisis Management, Recruitment, etc.
  • Organization Collaboration such as collaboration at a Department level, Region, etc.

nBold is built with a love for IT. It automates Microsoft Teams provisioning with many Governance Rules, so that you can scale in enterprise organizations.

# Collaboration Templates

nBold lets organizations build a Collaboration Templates Catalog that the company owns, letting user creates a Team needed to perform Business Activities such as: Proposal Realization, Recruitment Session, Project Management, Crisis Management, etc. Possibilities are endless!

Today's Templates created by nBold support:

  • List of Channels
  • List of Tabs
  • Configured Website Tabs (to bring any content from Intranet, Website or Web Application)
  • Configured Planner with Tasks, Description, Buckets, Checklists and labels

# Governance Rules for Teams in Microsoft Teams

Improving collaboration at scale with Microsoft Teams, can't be done without strong governance. nBold empowers end-users with self-service Teams provisioning and management that suits IT needs. With each Collaboration Template built with nBold you can apply governance rules such as:

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