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Sensitivity Labels

Apply Sensitivity Labels to teams with a Collaboration Template

While collaborating around projects, you may work with both internal and external organizations. This means you might want to make sure that your data is well protected and sticks to your company's business and compliance policies.

Sensitivity labels are specific policies that can help you with that.

Based on your organization’s specific needs, you can create categories for various levels of sensitivity when it comes to your data. An example of those levels can be Personal, Public, General, Confidential, and Highly Confidential.

How to apply them?

  1. Go to Microsoft Teams and log into your nBold account.
  2. Click on Create a Template.
  3. Go to the Compliance tab.
  4. Simply type "@" and you'll be able to add any sensitivity label created in Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center (in our example it is a Confidential Finance label that prevents people from sharing content in teams with externals).

When you set up the sensitivity labels at the template level, whenever you create new teams from the template, the files shared in those teams will have the sensitivity label specified during the template creation.

4. Create a new team with this template and check out new features

So, in a new team created from this template, you won't be able to share a file with someone out of your organization because of the label configuration applied (CONFIDENTIAL - Finance).

🔓 Restrict guest access with the help of a sensitivity label.

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