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Security Policy for templates

Template Security Policy

The "Security & Privacy" tab defines the main security and privacy policy of your Business Solution:

Enforced Teams Privacy

"Private" by default. Defines if the new team will be created as "Private". Meaning that only team owners will be able to add members "Public" Meaning that anyone in your organization will be able to join the team without validation. This parameter is permanent.

Membership Policy

"Enabled" by default. Choose if the requester is automatically added as a team owner, or only as a member. Disabling this option may result in a deceptive user experience, as the requester will expect to be able to manage its own team by itself.

Permanent Owners and Members

[Go to the article](Permanent owners and members policy policy).

Mandatory Ownership and Membership

[Go to the article](Mandatory number of owners and members).