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Permanent Owners and Members Policy

Permanent Owners and Permanent Members Policy lets organizations ensure that the right people are added to the right teams.

When Permanent Owners and Permanent Members are defined at the template level, they will be added to the teams created as the last step of the provisioning.

This parameter is permanent. Meaning that if an owner of the Team is removing this Permanent Owners/Members, they will be added again to the Team by the nBold App.

This parameter is retroactive. If a permanent owner/member is added whereas he hasn't been before, this permanent owner/member will be added back to all the teams he/she is not into.

Permanent Owners and Private Channels: if the template includes Private Channels, Permanent Owners are added as Private Channels Owners by default when the team is created.

How to set up Permanent Owners and/or Permanent Members?

  1. As a Global Admin, connect to the nBold App.
  2. Select an existing Template ➡️ go to the Security Tab ➡️ and go to the permanent Owners / Members section.
  3. Search for users from your corporate directory to systematically add them as owners or members of teams created using this Template.