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Deal Room Solution with HubSpot

What is Deal Room?

Deal Room is a digital workspace that incorporates all the tools, documentation, and data necessary to work on closing deals.
If you're using both Microsoft Teams and HubSpot, Deal Rooms will ensure smooth and automatic information flow and bridge the communication gap between the users of both platforms.

The Deal Room with HubSpot allows you to:

  • Get teams automatically created from your own collaboration templates for each new deal reaching your setup filters
  • Define the ownership of the created team and sync it to the deal owner in the connected Apps
  • Manage the end of life for a team once the deal is closed (Delete/Archive/Rename)
  • Communicate deal stage or amount changes to specific management teams or channels

How does it work?


1. Get Started​

Once you have created a template to use for the collaboration on sales deals, you can go ahead and install the collaboration solution.

Please Note: To install the solution for the first time, please use the browser version. Currently, the first-time setup can only be done via the browser version of Microsoft team.

  • Connect and go to the nBold application in Microsoft Teams.

To know how to install nBold to your Microsoft Teams, click here

To know how to create collaboration templates, click here

  • Go to the Catalog tab and click on the Collaboration Processes tab on your right.

Caution: For this solution to be visible, the user must be a Change Manager and at least one of the other three managers (catalog manager or compliance manager or integration manager)
For eg: The user should be a change manager and catalog manager or a change manager and integration manager or all of them.

To know how to assign and delegate roles, click here

You will land on this screen:

2. Install the Deal Room with the HubSpot solution​

  • Click on the Card which says "Deal Room Solution with HubSpot"
  • Next, Click the "Install Now" Button. Inside, you will see the solution description to learn more about the use cases covered for this specific solution.

  • Create two authentications with your authentication name and instance type for both, HubSpot and Microsoft Teams.

  • Add the credentials to your own HubSpot environment, as well as to Microsoft 365.


Make sure to use the admin credentials for both, HubSpot and Microsoft Teams, and review the permissions.


Once the authentication is added, you will see the configuration form.
Here, you can customize the solution according to your unique business needs.

1. Choose the template​

First, you will need to choose a template from which you wish to create a team. Newly created teams will be cloned from this specific template.

Note: We highly recommend building a separate template for Deal Room with HubSpot to avoid any confusion within your governance policies in future.

Read more about Collaboration Template here

2. Team Creation​

This step has three categories that you need to fill, and the teams will be created only for those deal records that achieved the right stage and with an amount greater or equal to the amount you configured.

i. Pipeline: Pick the desired pipeline and stage from the dropdown list which is already synchronised with your HubSpot environment.
ii. Deal Stage: Select the Deal Stage you want to create the template for
iii. Deal Amount: Enter the value in number format, with no spaces or non-numerical characters.

If you don’t really need the amount filter, simply enter 0, as the amount value. In this case, teams will be created no matter the deal amount.

3. Synchronization between the record and team owner​

The next option is the synchronization between the owner of the deal record and the future deal owner.
Once enabled, a team for the record will be created with the record owner added automatically as a team owner.

The same works, for changing owner operations:
If the deal record is changed, a new owner will be added to the team automatically.

Note: the user will be added as the owner of all private channels as well.

If you don’t need ownership synchronization, simply disable the option.

Important note! We highly recommend you disable the option if your users use different email addresses for HubSpot and Microsoft 365. Otherwise, nBold will not be able to create a team.

4. End of team life: Sunset​

You can choose what to do with the team when your deal reaches the final stage. There are four available options from which you can select.

5. Manage Notifications​

You can choose to receive notifications at various stages of deals.
You can receive adaptive cards when:

- The deal stage is updated

- The deal amount is updated

- Deal stage reaches the corresponding closed won or closed lost stage

Now, Select the team and channel to receive those updates.

You can also choose to enable sending the GIFs in the notification.

Now it's time to enable your solution!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, kindly write to us at

To know how to Update the Solution, click here