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Known issues


In addition to this article that describes known issues with nBold, please refer to:

Provisionning is stopped after enabling MFA

Behavior / Symptom / Root Cause

If you enforce MFA for the service account AFTER it has been configured in nBold, the provisionning process stops to work.

Root Cause: Enabling MFA for an account resets its credentials, access token and refresh token. Therefore the service account cannot refresh its own token anymore.

Known Workaround

Update the service account from the "Settings" tab using the "Update" button.

Additional Infos

"Missing Teams in List All Teams" when creating a new template

Behavior / Symptom / Root Cause

When creating a new template in your catalog, some older teams may not appear in search results and therefore cannot be used as a cloned team.

Root Cause: Some teams that were created in the past (The old days of Microsoft Teams...) but haven't been used recently by a Microsoft Teams user aren't listed by the "list all teams" endpoint from the Microsoft Graph API.

New teams will be correctly listed. Certain old teams don't have a:

"resourceProvisioningOptions": [

property that contains "Team", which is set on newly created teams and teams that are visited in Microsoft Teams.

Known Workaround

Reopen the team with a team owner account (To be confirmed).

Additional Infos