# Mandatory Number of Owners and Members at teams Creation

When teams are created, many are created with only 1 owner or maybe with no members. And we all know the problems coming with the situation where the only owner is quitting the company: Orphan Teams!

While you can rely on the Permanent Owners and Members policy (opens new window) to address this, there are some use cases where it doesn't make sense to have a permanent owner or member in the team created.

Especially in a high scale motion, you need to ensure that there are several owners and/or members in a team but you can't assume who that can be.

For all these reasons, we're introducing the capability called "Mandatory Owners and Members", which lets you add a policy to make sure you have the right number of Owners and Members when the team is being created.

Here is how it works 👇

# The Catalog Admin Experience:

As an admin on the Catalog tab, in the template settings at the Security tab, you have the policy to define a minim number of Owners and Members to add when a team is being created by a user.

From the end-user perspective, if you don't enter the required number of owners and members, you're prompted with a message to comply with the policy.

You can select up to 20 Mandatory Owners and Members for each template.

📅 Last Updated: 3/4/2022, 11:51:24 AM