# Team

# Properties

Name Type Description Notes
@odata.context String OData Context [optional] [default to null]
id String Team ID [optional] [default to null]
createdDateTime String Team Created Date Time [optional] [default to null]
displayName String Team Display Name [optional] [default to null]
description String Team Description [optional] [default to null]
internalId String Team Internal ID [optional] [default to null]
classification String Team Classification [optional] [default to null]
specialization String Team Specialization [optional] [default to null]
visibility String Team Visibility [optional] [default to null]
webUrl String Team Web URL [optional] [default to null]
isArchived Boolean Team Is Archived [optional] [default to null]
isMembershipLimitedToOwners Boolean Team Is Membership Limited To Owners [optional] [default to null]
discoverySettings Team_discoverySettings [optional] [default to null]
memberSettings Team_memberSettings [optional] [default to null]
guestSettings Team_guestSettings [optional] [default to null]
messagingSettings Team_messagingSettings [optional] [default to null]
funSettings Team_funSettings [optional] [default to null]

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