# CatalogTemplate_templateConfiguration

# Properties

Name Type Description Notes
id String Template ID. [optional] [default to null]
name String Template Name. [optional] [default to null]
description String Template Description. [optional] [default to null]
pictureUrl String Template Picture URL. [optional] [default to null]
language String Template Language (e.g. 'en-US'). [optional] [default to null]
enabled String Defines if the template is enabled or not, and therefore available for end-users or not. [optional] [default to null]
system String Defines if the template should be considered as 'system', and therefore could not be deleted, exported... [optional] [default to null]
singleton String Defines if the template should restrict the number of associated teams created from itself to one. [optional] [default to null]
domId String Unique identifier that could be used safely client-side to identify an HTML tag. [optional] [default to null]
approval CatalogTemplate_templateConfiguration_approval [optional] [default to null]
permanentMembership CatalogTemplate_templateConfiguration_permanentMembership [optional] [default to null]
audienceTargeting CatalogTemplate_templateConfiguration_audienceTargeting [optional] [default to null]

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