# Welcome to nBold

Templatize your processes

Make sure each team member has all the necessary tools to collaborate efficiently by templatizing repetitive processes. Provide your team with content, policies, procedures, and standard tools for different types of teams. Your teams and communities will share their knowledge and coordinate activities in a highly efficient way across the entire organization.

Bring operational excellence

Provide your teams with a pre-built working environment within 60 sec. Each time you start a new project, open a sales deal, or mitigate a crisis – your team will get a collaborative workspace with the same structure, file templates, document libraries, pre-built set of tasks, calendars, integrated apps, and more.

Ensure secure workspace

Ensure the strong, predictable, and supported workspace without overloading your IT. Prevent information loss, duplication, mess in your working environment, and unsecured business processes by implementing naming rules, membership policies, approval workflows, and much more.

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